Our Services

Collection and Delivery

Everyone has to make the most of their time so we are offering a free collection and delivery within Portsmouth. A small charge may apply for surrounding areas.


We are based at a private residential workshop and will collect and deliver your bike back to you.


Bronze Service


Hydraulic Brakes + £10

Full safety check: Inspecting all major parts and fasteners for wear and play. 


Punctures repaired and tyres checked

Gears Adjusted & aligned

Drivetrain Lubricated

Brakes Adjusted & aligned

We recommend this service for:

  • Piece of mind for safety if the bike has not been used, or serviced, for a long period of time. 

  • Before an event where you require a reliability. 

Silver Service


Hydraulic Brakes + £10

Full safety check: Inspecting all major parts and fasteners for wear and play.


  • Inner cables replaced, outer cables lubricated

  • Adjusted & aligned

Cable Brakes:

  • Inner cables replaced, outer cables lubricated

  • Adjusted & aligned

  • Pads checked and aligned.

Hydraulic Brakes:

  • Pads removed & inspected, Disc Rotors trued

  • Brakes bled, Adjusted & aligned.

  • Pad replacement available.


  • Checked and lubricated


  • Trued & spoke tension checked.

  • Hubs & rims checked for wear & damage

  • Puntures repaired and tyres checked

We recommend this service for:

  • An annual service or if the bicycle is used regularly (3-7 days a week) or in particularly poor conditions.

  • If your gears are skipping and/or brakes are weak or making noise when braking 

  • If the bike has not been used for a long period of time.

Gold Service


Hydraulic Brakes +£10

This is a full bike strip down. All components are removed from the frame and then cleaned, inspected and serviced. The bike is then rebuilt.

Full safety check: Inspecting all major parts and fasteners for wear and play.


  • Inner & outer cables replaced

Cable Brakes

  • Inner & outer cables replaced

  • Pads checked and replaced if necessary

Hydraulic Brakes (+£25)

  • Pads removed & inspected, Disc Rotors trued

  • Fluid replaced and brakes bled.

  • Pad replacement available.


  • Removed, cleaned & lubricated

  • Bottom bracket removed, threads re-cut & re-greased

  • Chain, cassette, crankset and bottom bracket replacement avaliable.


  • Hubs stripped and Serviced

  • Trued and spoke tension checked

  • Rims checked for wear & damage


  • Removed and serviced

  • New headset bearings avaliable


  • Inspection and recalibrated

  • Full strip and service available

We recommend this service for:​

  • Heavily used bikes (particularly in poor conditions) that have not been serviced and show signs of poor braking, gear changing, stretched chain, strange creak noises. 

  • End of season bike service for the avid cyclist.

Tailored Service 

If you require specific work or you are unsure exactly what you require, please do not hesitate to get in contact. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements.

 The services above give you an indication of our prices for a complete bike service. The list below indicates the labour cost of specific work. 

New or replacement components are available at an additional cost. This will be communicated before any work is carried out.

Diagnostics - £10 

Rim Brake service - £10

Disc Brake Service - £35

Gear Service - £20

Chain Replacement - £15

Steering (headset)- £15

Wheels - front - £25 Rear £35

Puncture Repair - £10

Bike Build PDI - building and safety checking a bike that you have purchased in a box - £40

Examples of what we can do

Full Bike Service

Our bike services range from a general check and adjustment to a full bike strip-down, clean, service and re-build. 

For a full bike service, we remove every component from the frame. Each component is then cleaned and serviced were appropriate. For example, hubs and headsets can be disassembled, regressed and reassembled. Where components are worn, they are replaced. In our gold and silver service, this always includes the brake and gear cables being replaced.

Components that require replacement will be quoted to you prior to installation.

Our service is not just limited to mechanical work. We will advise on maintenance and any additional knowledge we can share to help you keep your cycling safe and reliable.

Some services require more work than others. We can tailor our services to meet your requirements. For instance, if you require additional parts, suspension service, or specific e-motor service, we can often keep to a similar price as stated above.

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 10.34.24.png

Custom Wheel Building

As a professional wheel builder at JCK we offer custom wheel building. We can construct a new wheel from your choice of hub, spokes, nipples and rim. Or we can take your existing wheel and replace any component.  

Chose from a range of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples to suit your needs. We can advise on what will best suit your cycling requirements but we insist you select the colour. 

Or maybe you already have a wheel and you want to change the hub, or the rim needs replacement but the hub is still in excellent working order, or you want to convert your spokes to aerodynamic ones, or simply you'd like to customise the colour of your spokes/nipples. We can do it all!

We offer free tuning for all our custom wheels built

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 09.17.27.png

Suspension Services

The suspension on a bike controls both handling and comfort. Therefore correct maintenance can have a profound effect on the performance of your bike, especially for the cyclist that enjoy the muddy and rocky terrain.

We offer both suspension service and bespoke suspension set-up

We completely strip down the component, clean service and replace seals & lubricants. we will replace components if necessary, but in general, a strip down is sufficient to bring any suspension back to its former functionality. 

For suspension set-up, we tailor the compression and rebound to suit your type of riding. We can make fine adjustments so that your suspension is in the range for your cycling demands. 


Restoration Services

Our restoration services apply to both bikes and components. All moving parts on a bicycle can seize over time without regular service. If left unattended for too long, parts will inevitably seize. Leading the bike to become unusable or, more importantly, unsafe to use. However, that is not to say the bike can't be revived.

We can restore any bike to its former glory. We will provide the attentive service the bike deserves, from rusty components left unattended for years to the restoration of classic bikes; we can help.

Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 10.17.52.png

Custom Bike Builds

We can provide any bike build, for example:

  • We can source all components and build a bike to your specification. With our experience and expertise, we can advise and tailor your bike to suit you.

  • Components you have purchased, we can safely assemble them.

  • Assemble packaged bikes and provide a safety check.

  • Add new components to your existing bike.

  • Kids bike assembly (mobile service)

Screenshot 2020-10-29 at 10.30.31.png

E-Bike Services

E-bikes, a bicycle with an electric motor to provide additional power, are becoming increasingly popular. With today's technology, with regard to their cost and range/power, they are providing a remarkable addition for any cyclist, from getting over those more challenging hills to increasing your range for a cycle ride.

We can offer conversions by installing an electric motor to your normal human-only powered bicycle to provide you with that additional power. 

We also offer services for your e-bike. E-bikes can vary considerably so please get in contact so we can provide the best service for your bike.

e bike wheel.jpg

Truely Unique Services

Sometimes you just want something that nobody else has thought of, or that you may feel nobody will do. Well, before you abandon your idea because it's either too small or your unsure, get in contact.

We have already dealt with bespoke ideas, from electronic gearing set-ups, e-motors on trikes, light-weight bikes for the national competition, and a lot more.

By being an independent mechanics we can easily adapt and tailor our services to your needs without charging anything extra. With our expertise, experience, enthusiasm and attention to detail, we are confident that we will be able to provide the service you and your bike require.